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Weddings in Milos

Weddings in Milos are a great event and are celebrated with island violins, and gun shots.

In earlier years, the matchmaker was meeting the bride’s parents having in mind a groom for whom she was doing the matchmaker, and negotiated the wedding “dowry”. Next she went to groom’s family and if they agreed, they all went to bride’s house. There, a mutual promise was made and the groom was allowed to accompany the bride to the church, and visit the bride at her house till late night.

Weddings were always taking place on Sunday afternoon. The guests were starting from the best man’s house with violins and then went to groom’s house. From there, altogether with the bride and relatives, went to the church. On the street as well as inside the church, cottonseed was thrown. When the groom was taking the bride to their house, he had to crush a pomegranate, so as to have a great life.

For the wedding reception, relatives would bring 12 breads, one lamb, and one bottle of sweet wine. The Sunday one week after the wedding, the anti-wedding was taking place, a dinner at groom’s house.

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